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Thomas C. Krohn


What if ...

I am a crime fiction writer from Denmark, and I write crime fictions and thrillers within the science genre. With a background as a neurobiologist, I try to convey my fascination for biology and psychology into my books and writing.

The focal point of my books is 'What if ...' with focus on biological issues such as viruses, dangerous bacteria, infectious diseases and psychopathy. The scenes are modern everyday situations added conspiracy theories, mysteries, murders, historical events and thoughts.

My fascination for the human mind, including how a psychopath thinks and acts, is often the focal point of the people who are part of my thrillers.

The plot of my stories must be realistic and something that could happen in real life, just as places, buildings and people must be recognizable to the reader.

The goal of my writing is a great book that can entertain the reader with excitement, surprising actions and easily digestible knowledge of psychological and biological phenomena.

Portrait of Thomas C Krohn taken by Anja Voigt

Thomas C. Krohn (1972)

Danish author from Copenhagen. Academic background as a neurobiologist with a Ph.D. in the welfare of laboratory animals.


For many years, I have been a researcher and instructor at the university. Afterward, I have worked in a wide range of companies, developing medical devices.

The Threat from China


Jacob Detlev’s good friend and colleague, Hong Zhang, was assassinated. But who is behind the murder? Only one man can solve the case. With his specific background as an expert in biological weapons, Jacob gets involved in the investigation of the murder. It turns out to be a bigger case than first suspected, which puts the security of Denmark and China at risk.


Jacob Detlev plays a central role in the pursuit of the terrorists, and his life becomes in danger while attempting to prevent the use of biological weapons towards specific targets in Copenhagen.


‘The threat from China’ is an independent mini-thriller from the series about the virologist and scientist, Jacob Detlev, who forms a part of the Terrorism Preparedness in Denmark, regarding biological and chemical counterterrorism.


The series is filled with horrifying and gruesome attacks with biological weapons on innocent targets. You follow the hectic investigative work, both nationally and internationally, as Jacob attempt to get ahead of the terrorists and stop them, before killing thousands of people.


Thomas C. Krohn,

                © 2020 af Thomas C. Krohn

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