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Thomas C. Krohn


What if ...

I am a Danish crime fiction writer specializing in thrilling stories within the science genre. With a background in neurobiology, I aim to capture the intrigue of biology and psychology in my books.

My works revolve around the compelling question of "What if..." and delve into biological phenomena such as viruses, dangerous bacteria, infectious diseases, and psychopathy. Set against the backdrop of modern everyday life, my stories incorporate conspiracy theories, mysteries, murders, historical events, and profound reflections.

Within my thrillers, the human mind, particularly the psychology and actions of psychopaths, takes center stage. Exploring this aspect fascinates both me and the characters in my books.

I strive for realism in my plots, crafting scenarios that could plausibly unfold in real life. Additionally, I ensure that the settings, buildings, and characters are relatable to readers, enhancing their connection with the story.

My ultimate goal is to create an enthralling book that captivates readers with its excitement, unexpected twists, and easily understandable insights into psychological and biological phenomena. Through my writing, I aim to entertain while offering readers a glimpse into these fascinating realms.

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Thomas C. Krohn (1972)

Danish author from Copenhagen. Academic background as a neurobiologist with a Ph.D. in the welfare of laboratory animals.


For many years, I have been a researcher and instructor at the university. Afterward, I have worked in a wide range of companies, developing medical devices.

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The Threat from China


Jacob Detlev’s good friend and colleague, Hong Zhang, was assassinated. But who is behind the murder? Only one man can solve the case. With his specific background as an expert in biological weapons, Jacob gets involved in the investigation of the murder. It turns out to be a bigger case than first suspected, which puts the security of Denmark and China at risk.


Jacob Detlev plays a central role in the pursuit of the terrorists, and his life becomes in danger while attempting to prevent the use of biological weapons towards specific targets in Copenhagen.


‘The threat from China’ is an independent mini-thriller from the series about the virologist and scientist, Jacob Detlev, who forms a part of the Terrorism Preparedness in Denmark, regarding biological and chemical counterterrorism.


The series is filled with horrifying and gruesome attacks with biological weapons on innocent targets. You follow the hectic investigative work, both nationally and internationally, as Jacob attempt to get ahead of the terrorists and stop them, before killing thousands of people.

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She is Not a Murderer


'She is Not a Murderer' is a gripping psychological thriller that delves into the ambitious, manipulative, and sinister shadows of a researcher, where sex, lies, deception, and even murder become tools for achieving her goals.

She is not a murderer. She is a problem solver.

This is how the young and ambitious researcher, Sara Neuville, sees herself.

Up until recently, her life was picture-perfect, unfolding precisely as she had planned. Her research results were promising, she was married to her dream man, and she reveled in the dazzling glow of acclaim.

However, her experiments took an unexpected turn, and her personal life unraveled along with it.

Desperate to regain control and secure her future, she had no choice but to take matters into her own hands. She needed to find solutions to her problems — by any means necessary.

'She is Not a Murderer' is the first standalone novel featuring Sara Neuville as the captivating protagonist.

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Trapped, Yet Free

A woman lies at the water's edge, severely battered and devoid of personal identification.

Markus, a German businessman, stumbles upon her. Moved by her plight, he takes her home and tends to her injuries.
Upon awakening, she is enveloped in a dense fog of amnesia. She has no recollection of who she is or how she came to be washed ashore.

She can't help but question Markus's
intentions towards her. Trapped and disoriented, she battles not only to reclaim her memory but also to devise a means of escape. She refuses to be suppressed. She refuses to remain a captive. She yearns for freedom.

She is not a murderer. She is a problem solver.

'Trapped, Yet Free' is a psychological thriller, a standalone sequel to ‘She is Not a Murderer'.

Thomas C. Krohn,

                © 2023 by Thomas C. Krohn

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